Tea Cosy PH001 – Tutorial

Tea Cosy PH001

Let’s Sew

Place the wadding between the fabric and lining. Sew around the edge with a small 6mm or 1/4” seam.

Make sure all fabrics are caught in seam. Finished should look like a sandwich with wadding as the filling. (Picture A and B)

Sew premade bias binding around both side panels. Check you catch the underside. (Picture C).

Place side panel to base, with lining sides together use a small 6mm – ¼” seam.

 Use pins to keep side panels on one half of the base. This is so when sewing the bias binding on, the stitching is covered. (Picture D). 

Now you are ready to sew on bias binding (Picture E)

Sew on your bias binding to cover the seam on the base. (Picture F)

To finish ends neatly, fold and pin binding over and stitch down. (Picture G)

Use the loop and Bow pattern piece to cut a length of binding. (97cm / 39”)

Place nick at the elastic placement from pattern. Elastic sits (5mm /1/8”) past nick so you can catch and fold binding around neatly, then tack elastic in place. (Picture H) 

If you want, you can fold and press the bias binding before sewing.

 Place the other end of the elastic to elastic placement nick and tack.


Fold edges together and case elastic into binding. Pull elastic as you sew. (Picture I)


Pull elastic to even out gathers. You don’t want to catch elastic in stitching. (Picture J)

Tack binding where elastic ends. This is to form the gathered loop. (Picture K)

On side panel of Tea Cosy mark loop and bow placement.

Attach loop, with elastic loop facing up to the top of the cosy. Ties to be on top of loop (Picture L) 

Tack on both sides of tie ends. Make sure the loop and bow are fastened firmly, as it is pulled around a lot when Tea Cosy is used.

Tie Bow. (Picture N).   




Now you are all done. Just pull the top of the Tea Cosy through the loop.

Happy Sewing!!!!!!!!!!!