Easy Bagged Out Tea Cosy #PH003

Start with the Side panels. Sew the fabric with a (Small 4mm – 2/8” seam) onto the wadding. (Picture A)

Sew the right side of the lining to the right side of fabric (small 6mm – ¼” seam) The small seams, helps the seams to sit nice when bagged out. Now you’re ready for top stitching. (Picture B).

Nick around corners (Picture C)

Bag outside panels. Press, ready for top stitching. Top stitch (6mm – ¼”) around side panel. (Picture D)

Sew wadding and lining to Base, with a small 6mm – ¼” seam. I pin all together but check you have caught all fabric) (Picture E)

Sew side panel to base with a 1cm – 3/8” seam. Use notches on base to keep side panel even. (Pictures F and G.)

Overlock seam (Picture H)

Press Loop and Bow piece, as you would for bias binding. (Picture, I).

Mark on binding elastic placement (I nick placement, but you can use chalk), sew elastic to one side of centre. 

Then attach safety pin to elastic end. Pin elastic back towards raw end. (Picture J)

Fold edges together and stitch to elastic placement nick. (picture K) This is to form the gathered loop.

Take out of machine and thread the safety pinned elastic through to elastic placement nick. 

Elastic can be pulled to form a nice gather for the loop. Tack elastic in place. Do this on both sides. Remove safety pin and trim off excess elastic. (Picture L)

Sew along binding and tuck in ends. (picture M) This will form your bow when tied.

Tack together binding to form loop. (Picture N)

Mark loop attachment from Side Panel Pattern.

Attach loop with elastic loop up towards top of cosy. Ties to be on top of loop (Picture O)

Tack on both sides of tie ends. Make sure the loop and bow are fastened firmly, as it is pulled around a lot when Tea Cosy is used. (Picture P)

Tie Bow and Press. (Picture Q).

You are all done. 


Just pull the top of the Tea Cosy through the loop.

Now you can try the Bias Bind Tea Cosy.

Happy Sewing!!!!!!!!!!!

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