Coffee Plunger Blanket #PH002

Coffee Plunger Blanket PH 002

Let’s Sew

First sew your wadding onto your fabric with a small seam. Just catch the edges of both fabrics. Finished this should look like a sandwich with wadding as the filling (Picture A)

With right sides together sew the V for the plunger spout. (Picture B)

Sew with a 6mm/ ¼” seam. At the bottom on the V stitch one small stitch across.Then nick into this (Picture C) This helps the V sit nice when bagged out.

Bag out the V and press (Picture D)

With right sides together sew seam across top of blanket. (6mm / ¼” seam) Nick around corners. (picture E)

Catch seam back on itself with a 1cm / 3/8” seam. This makes finishing the end easier later. (picture F) and (picture G)

Remember to nick around your curves.

Bag out across top of plunger blanket. Push out corners. Press. (Picture H)

Now check your lining is same size or smaller than you fabric/wadding at hem. Trim back lining if needed.        

Pull lining around (Picture I) 

With right sides together, pin lower seam. Sew across pinned seam. (Picture J)

Sew around the lower curve. Nick the curve. (Picture K)

Catch seams back on themselves at end with a 1cm / 3/8” seam. I do this to all the seams I can as it helps corners sit nice when finished. (Picture L).

Bag out plunger blanket and Press. (Picture M)

Pin ends and sew, catching the lining to the fabric. Press to make sewing easier. (Picture N)

Sew the loop velrco (soft) to the right side of the blanket at back. Place in the middle. (Picture O)

On the opposite back, sew the hook velcro ( Scratchy) to the lining side of blanket. Place in middle to match when closed. (Picture P)

Press your coffee plunger Blanket. (Picture Q)

Now your all done, Happy sewing!!!!!

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