Plain Poncho #PT011

Let’s Sew

All seams are to be sewn at 1cm. unless otherwise stated.

First overlock around your neck seam. Check your cutting around neck is smooth, as after topstitching this will show.

Attach label to centre back.

Then topstitch neck down use a 6mm or ½” stitch. Pull fabric slightly so stitching will stretch a little. (Picture A)

Place shoulder seam with right side together and sew a 1cm – 3/8” seam. (Picture B)

Overlock shoulder seam. (Picture C).

Tack back shoulder seam at neck. Seam to go towards back neck. (Picture D)

Overlock around hem. Topstitch hem. Use a small 6mm or ¼” stitch. (Picture E)

You can just roll the overlocking back and stitch. Around the curves the smaller the turn back the better the hem will sit.

Press and check curve at hems are nice and neat (Picture F)

Happy sewing!!!!!

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