Face Undies Mask

Face Undies Mask 

Let’s Sew

Place right sides of fabric together. Use a 1cm / ⅜” seam to sew outside panel together down the curved side. 

Then do the same to the lining panels. (Picture A)

Open the panels out and top stitch this seam on both outside fabric and lining. The smaller the topstitch, the easier it will be to sew the curve. (Picture B)

Place outside and lining together with right sides together. Sew a 1cm / ⅜” seam across the top of the face mask. 

Nick into corners that form nose cover.  (Picture C)

Trim off fabric at point, leave enough to catch when edge stitching (e.g. .4cm / 1/8 “). (Picture Ca)

Edge Stitch the lining back. (Sew on the lining with the seam under, to keeps seam neat). (Picture D)

Turn the mask to the right side and press. You can now topstitch (with a 6mm / ¼”) if you want. (Picture E)

Turn the mask inside out again. (Picture F)

Sew a 1cm seam across hem. Let the lining sit flat, it may hang down a bit from main fabric. (Picture Fa)

Bag out Face Mask and press so seams are neat for topstitching. (Picture G)

Top stitch across lower seam. (Picture H)

With Overlocker = overlock across ends. (Picture Ha – Overlocker)

No Overlocker = Fold and sew end back 3mm / ¼”. (Picture Ha – No Overlocker)

Cut elastic 20cm / 7”. (you can make this bigger) (Picture I)

Get the elastic and overlap, tack to form a circle. (Picture J)

Case the elastic in at ends.

With Overlocked end. Use a 1.2cm / ½” seam to case in elastic. (Picture K)

No Overlocker, and you have turned back 3mm. Use a 9mm / ⅜” seam to case elastic in. (Picture Ka)

Tack one end of the elastic, then pull elastic so gathers form, now tack other end to hold gather. (Picture L)


Happy Sewing everyone.


(Remember if you are using this face mask for shopping while in lockdown. 

Wash your hands before you put on. Don’t touch your face when wearing the mask.

 Wash it after every use and allow to dry before using it again. Keep up with regular hand-washing and physical distancing.)