Off Centre Twist Knit Top PT009

Let’s Sew

All seams are to be sewn at 1cm. unless otherwise stated.


Overlock around front neck and yoke seams. (Picture A)  


Hem the front neck. Use a small 6 mm / 1/4” hem, to sew the front neck. 

The smaller the 6 mm hem (e.g. you can just turn the overlocking back.) the easier to get the curve sewn neat. 

Pull fabric a bit when sewing so stitching does not crack when stretched.(Picture B)  


With right sides together, fold back the long yoke, and stitch a 1cm seam. (Picture C)

Leaving a hole at the folded end (Picture D) this is for the twist. (Pull knit fabric when sewing, so stitching does not crack when wearing)   


To form the twist, thread the shoulder with the * through the hole.

(Picture E and Picture F)    


Pull the shoulder all the way through, now you are ready to sew the yoke seam. (Picture G)  

Fold yoke seam with right sides together.  (Picture H)  


Start sewing the yoke seam from the side seam. Use a 1cm – ⅜” seam. (Pull knit fabric so stitching does not crack when wearing.) Sew yoke seam as far as you can, without catching fabric at twist. (Picture I)  


Check twist is sitting even. You may need to pull fabric around a bit, so twist sits nice. (Picture J) (Press twist now)


Fold back neckband in half, with wrong sides together. Place onto back and sew on with a 1 cm – ⅜” seam. You can use pins to keep neckband even, this makes it easier to sew on. (Picture K ).

Pull both neckband and back as you sew.

(Pulling knit fabric when sewing allows stitching to stretch when wearing)


Check your back neckband is sitting correctly. Is the ease even. (Picture K1)


Attach label to centre back, (Picture L)


Top stitch neckband with a 6mm – ¼” stitch. Remember to pull fabric when sewing. (Picture L1)  


Sew shoulder seam with 1 cm – ⅜” seam. Matching neck seams (Picture M)  

Overlock the shoulder seams, leaving the overlocked tail at neck (Picture N).

Catch overlocked tail to shoulder seam. (Picture N1) This is so the thread does not undo when laundered.   


Fold shoulder seam towards back and tack. (Picture O) This holds shoulder seam in correct place. Check inside shoulder seam is hidden. You want the neck at shoulder to look good when wearing the garment.

Overlock side seams. Trying not to cut off nick. This nick is to show underarm point. (Picture P) 

Sew the side seam with a 1 cm – ⅜” seam. Starting from underarm nick. (Picture Q) Pull fabric when sewing, so stitches do not crack when wearing.   


Top stitch armhole with a 6 mm-1/4” stitch. (Picture R) Pull fabric when sewing so stitches do not crack when wearing.

Now fit top. (Picture R1)

Check your finished garment length. Pin and trim if you need so hem = 2.5 cm/ 1”. Overlock hem. (Picture S)  


Hem Body 2.5 cm/ 1”. (Picture T) Pull fabric when sewing so stitching does not crack when wearing.

You can top stitch hem again, so stitching look like a coverseamer stitch. (Picture T1)



Press and you’re done,

Happy Sewing!!!!


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